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The blockchain technology aims to transform the ads industry

The blockchain technology has transformed many industries by bringing efficiency, speed and transparency. From the banking industry to insurance and healthcare, the world is benefitting from the new technology in a great way. The latest industry that’s set to be enriched by the blockchain technology is the search engine and ads industry. Bitclave is a

‘These Guys Just Need Money’: What Do Venezuelan Users Think of the Petro?

When the Petro was unveiled to the world by Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro, he led the cheering squad about what a groundbreaking and successful idea it would be. A government-backed, oil-pegged, cryptocurrency that would aid the ailing Venezuelan nation in their time of crisis with a hyper-inflated currency. However, the pomp and promise of the

Где самая дешевая квартира в России? А самый высокий дом? Игра «Медузы» и «Avito Недвижимость» на знание российского жилья

В необъятной России множество примечательных жилых домов и квартир. Есть, например, здание длиной более километра или дом, в котором люди живут со времен Ивана […]